foundation-cracksNeed Foundation Repairs?

Is your beloved home developing cracks in the walls, especially around the windows? Do your doors shut properly? Or is there a bulge in your flooring? Has your chimney begun to lean? Are there cracks between exterior bricks and mortar?

These are signs telling you that your house urgently needs its foundations repaired. Most homeowners believe that these imperfections happen over time and are natural. Most of the times, they do not want to spend on the repair work of their house. But if these issues are not fixed in time, they can lead to major structural problems in your home

Usually these problems occur when the structure is built on expanding or contracting soil, or on improperly compacted fill soils or due to poor or erroneous maintenance of the earth around the foundation. You can also blame season weather changes and poor drainage, trees and tree roots as well as under slab plumbing leaks for these problems.

Whatever the cause of a settling foundation, this settlement can ruin a building’s value and even render it unsafe or unliveable. But modern technology has made it possible for us to repair a concrete foundation without having to tear it out and start from scratch. Apart from slabjacking, which P&M Construction also does, piering is another way of addressing foundation issues. In this, concrete foundations are fixed by placing supports underground that lift and support the concrete.

basement_before_large_1P&M Construction, which has been serving the counties of Peoria IL, Woodford IL, Tazewell IL and Mclean IL for over 30 years now has, experts with specialized solutions to fix all foundation issues, including cracked foundation repair, slab and block foundation repair, leak repair, wet basement repair, foundation wall repair and any other signs of foundation problems. We also carry out assessment of your foundation troubles to tell you the best and cheapest possible way of dealing with the problem.

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