How is your basement foundation?

These days, every house needs to expand for it’s an age of space crunch. And the first idea that comes to everyone’s mind is constructing a basement. A good basement needs strong, solid soils. P&M Construction from Illinois have a great team with a proven track record of laying great basement foundations in the state. Whether or not your house is suitable for a basement or what sort of basement will best suit you is determined by six major requirements.















Site conditions matter a lot as the grade or lay of your plot will have a significant impact upon the suitability and location of a basement. Other important things that need to be looked into are the subsurface water level, flood plains and excavation.To determine whether a walkout or a cellar type basement will suit you, one needs to identify the actual building corners and measure grade elevations.

The construction of exterior walls of a basement can be done through a variety of materials. One can use concrete reinforced by steel or vice versa in pre-approved standard proportions.Then comes the need of having a proper drainage system which is actually critical in keeping your basement dry.

For the interior structure, P&M Construction advise that all basements have a minimum 9’0’’ height so that after dropping the ceiling for any mechanical systems such as HVAC ductwork or plumbing, you still have a minimum 8′-0″ height.Of course cost consideration, HVAC and plumbing are the ultimate requirements. Basements can be cost effective especially if you need a bigger storing area and yet want to utilize only a small portion of your savings.

We assure you that not only is P&M Construction the best basement foundation expert in the state of Illinois — spanning counties Peoria IL, Woodford IL, Tazewell IL, Mclean IL — but it is also the most cost-effective.We have been serving central Illinois for over 30 years now and not only do we install basements under existing houses, we also replace their foundation walls and provide many related services.

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