Basements in Pekin

pekinPekin IL is the county seat of Tazewell and is well known for its marigold festival. And yet, the houses in the city continue to suffer from the same problems that several others do in different cities — of poor basement proofing, cracks in foundations and less space. Most of these problems can be solved by a reliable foundation contractor; P&M Construction is one such contractor with a solid base in the city and a proven track record of success.

In 30 years of our operations, we have laid hundreds of basement foundations, waterproofed too many basements, carried out foundation repairs for at least a thousand buildings and used slab-jacking as a method for that in a majority of those. Our customer base in Pekin IL has expanded through word-of-mouth publicity and we can safely say that in this business, we are among the best.

As a foundation contractor, we get the maximum number of requests for foundation repairs. Due to expanding or contracting soils, a building ends up sinking into the ground. Moreover, walls develop cracks, doors don’t close properly and there are bulges in the flooring. To stop that from happening, we employ a variety of techniques such as slab-jacking and piering to push up your house and give support to the concrete.

pekinWe also get a number of jobs for laying basement foundations. This usually involves us surveying the soils of the house to ascertain whether the idea is feasible or not. If it is, then we have to decide on the kind of basement that will go with the requirement of the owner and soil of the house. Basements can be cost effective especially if you need a bigger storing area and yet want to utilize only a small portion of your savings.

For basement waterproofing, we ensure that all the leaks are plugged well through our various methods which include sump pumps to complete drainage systems and moisture barriers to waterproof your basement. Basements are highly prone to moisture and leakages which usually ends up in mould on the walls and bugs. Usually saturated soil conditions are to be blamed for such problems.

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